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In-house tube and flatbed laser give DS Units (BE) flexibility it needed

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DS Units (Belgium) is making giant strides forward. Barely seven years after its founding, the company is already approaching a turnover of no less than 22 million euros. This rapid growth and the need for more flexibility forced the manufacturer of modular container units to invest in its own production department. The new tube laser, on top of a flatbed laser, is part of this effort. Both machines were supplied by HACO.

Customization as a Success Formula

Delivered turnkey, easy to transport (due to its light weight), mobile, and affordable... This is just a random selection of the many advantages of container units. The possible applications are as diverse as the benefits, ranging from office buildings to hospitals, construction sites, and residential care units. It's no wonder that DS Units can present such impressive figures. The growth seems unstoppable. Although projects start with standard designs, most end up being customized. "The fact that we can easily deviate from standards distinguishes us from our colleagues," explains director Sam Heyvaert, shedding light on the success formula.

The company delivers turnkey projects from A to Z. Engineering and design logically start the process. Then comes execution, which involves cutting, grinding, welding, painting, and assembling. The third step is interior finishing, including plumbing and electrical work. Once all that is done and the container units are ready for transport, the advantages of container units truly come to the fore, as placement and delivery take less than a day. DS Units also offers this service in collaboration with DS Construct.

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Fiber Tube Laser with High-End 3kW Laser Source

For the tube laser, the choice fell on the HACO HFL  R7024, a machine suitable for cutting tubes with diameters ranging from 20 to 240 mm (or 20 x 20 mm to 240 x 240 mm for square tubes). The model at DS Units is equipped with a 3kW fiber laser source from Raycus, the number one in China.

Additionally, the tube laser is equipped with a bundle loader for the automatic loading of closed profiles in lengths ranging from 3,600 to 6,500 mm and a total weight of up to 3,000 kg. Open profiles such as U and I sections can be loaded manually or semi-manually.

DS Units HACO tubelaser

Flatbed Laser with 3kW Laser Source

In addition to a tube laser, DS Units also invested in a flatbed laser for 4 by 2 meter sheets, also supplied by HACO. As with the tube laser, a 3kW source was chosen, which is sufficient for the mostly thin sheets. With maintenance and interchangeability of parts in mind, the 3kW was a very deliberate choice. While a combination machine that handles both tubes and sheets exists, it was less appealing here because it loads through a side door, making automatic loading of tubes impossible. Additionally, the volumes clearly favor tubes, making the combination even less attractive.

HACO HFLA flatbedlaser

CNC chucks reduce the risk of collision to an absolute minimum

In addition to the general specifications, mention should also be made of the three chucks. These deserve a special mention, as they are fully digitally controlled. This means that the clamping pressure is adapted in real time and fully automatically to the material, diameter and thickness of the tube. This reduces the risk of collision to an absolute minimum. Deformations of the profiles are also avoided. "The fact that there are three of them offers the great additional advantage that tubes can be reworked and thus machined along their entire length, without cutting loss and across the entire diameter range. This quickly saves 150 to 200 mm of expensive material", explains Andy Raedt, Product Manager at HACO.

TTN-nesting for offline programming

At DS Units, programming is done offline. This is achieved by using TTN-nesting, an add-on module for Solidworks that allows assemblies to be processed and separated for optimum nesting. The software is capable of handling graphics, and features common functions such as lead addition, path compensation, micro-connections and parallel connection paths. In addition, the software is able to improve the processing of machining traces on steel corners and grooves, among others.

Investment offers peace of mind and security

With the investment in the two cutting machines, DS Units took an important new step in expanding its own production capacity to give itself more flexibility. "We chose HACO because of its good value for money. They also provide full service and maintenance. That offers peace of mind and security," concludes Sam Heyvaert

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