A customized press brake from 400 to 1.200 tons.

HDSY (Heavy Duty Synchro) press brakes are applied for heavy duty bending applications, requiring high tonnages and/or long bending lengths. These press brakes are p.e. required to bend thick plates of High Tensile materials, requiring several hundreds of tons bending  force per meter bending length.

Rigid Frame structure 

HDSY press brakes feature a rigid frame structure combined with advanced synchro technology to allow high precision leveling and depth setting of the bending beam. Such, in combination with CNC controlled Anti-Deflection Table solutions, a consistent and precise bending angle is guaranteed over the full length. Precise positioning of the workpiece is obtained by means of a wide selection of rigid CNC controlled back gauge configurations.

20211025 Euro Master S 400


EASYBEND-2D T+ graphic control 18" Touchscreen,
Backgauge X backgauge
Système de serrage rapide pour poinçon type Standard Européen (ES) spécial Heavy duty
CNC controlled crowning table -motorized or hydraulic -for HACO multi V dies, including possible for clamping New Standard (NS) mono V dies
Tailor made
Bending of large sheets

Optional equipment

  • Control: FASTBEND-2D MT with 21,5" Multi Touchscreen and FASTBEND-3D MT with 24" Multi Touch touchscreen
  • Daylight opening, stroke and gap recording to the model
  • Alternative clamping, manual or hydraulic, for NS outrigger take-up
  • New Standard (NS) CNC Controlled crowning table with manual or hydraulic clamping of NS mono V dies
  • Smart Tool Locator (STL) on New Standard (NS) clamping
  • Optical safety guards DSP, FIESSLER AKAS ® LC-II M, LAZERSAFE LZS-LG-HS and IRIS
  • 2 or more Sheet Supports with guiding, manually adjustable in height
  • Parking stations for sheet supports, sheet support system
  • Sheet following system for bending long and thin sheets
  • Angle measuring system, ALFA-F, manual or CNC and LAZERSAFE IRIS Plus
  • Offline bending software HACOBEND Pro
  • Tandem/Tridem configurations for multiple press brakes
  • Automation through robotic integration, standardized or special robot bending cells


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