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HACO Service: your machines, our concern!

Whether you need service for your metalworking machines, obtaining essential spare parts, performing maintenance or providing training; we are here for you. With a dedicated team and in-depth experience in woodworking, we guarantee expert support to ensure your machines perform at their best.

Trust HACO - your partner in service, quality, and success!

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HACO Service

At HACO, we understand that continuity is important, and that's why we've assembled a dedicated team of more than 30 professionals, ready to address your service needs. Our service technicians are on standby every day to make interventions quickly and efficiently, keeping your production process running smoothly and allowing you to focus on what really matters: the success of your business.

Craftmanship and expertise

Our HACO metalworking service department is characterized by a team of highly trained and experienced service technicians. With in-depth knowledge of metalworking machinery and advanced technological skills, we guarantee craftsmanship at the highest level.

Speed of response

At HACO, we understand the value of time in metalworking. Our service department takes pride in unparalleled speed of response. Our service technicians are on site quickly, minimizing downtime on your machines.

Dedicated customer support

At HACO, we go beyond technical troubleshooting. Our customer support is dedicated to understanding your business goals and providing ongoing support. You can count on a partnership focused on your long-term success.