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High positioning accuracy and higher repeatability

The TUR 1150/1350/1550 MN has been designed for machining of heavy work pieces with a diameter up to 1550 mm. These heavy duty lathes are known for their exceptional stability and high precision. The TUR MN are a durable, tested and well-proven group of machine-models, based on years of experience in producing lathes using innovative structures and design. The special care taken in every single detail of the manufacturing process guarantees failure-free operation when using our machines. The best combination of price and high efficiency is your most cost effective solution. We are confident there is no better choice for your workshop on the market today!

TUR 1150/1350/1550 MN is a high precision, high quality European product 100% manufactured in Poland. The outsourced parts used in all our products only come from world leaders in machine tools parts manufacture and supply. The high level of standard equipment makes the TUR MN lathe a powerful tool which will increase the capacity of your work shop from its first day of operation! A large range of easy to install options will fulfil any pecial requirements.

Eliminating deviations

The linear measuring system eliminates deviations of position due to expansion of the ball screw because of temperature fluctuations or play between nut and screw any other mechanical play.


The headstock is of a modern compact design. The shafts and gears are made of heat treated alloy steel. Due to application of closely supported shafts and ground gears the headstock runs very smoothly at all speeds. The main spindle is powered by a Siemens AC variable speed 56 kW. 

Heavy-duty tailstock

The heavy-duty tailstock allows bigger workpiece loads and reduces vibration during heavy rough cutting.The extra large 200 mm diameter quill is hardened and has a built-in live centre with MT 6 Taper. The tailstock is on an air cushion for easy movement as standard. The tailstock can be easily positioned by carriage using a quick-released coupling. Hydraulically operated tailstock is offered also as an option.

Standard equipment
  • Siemens CNC system: Sinumerik 840D SL with Shop Turn
  • Complete coolant system
  • Third movable hand-wheel for easy tool-setting (MPG)
  • Hydraulic tailstock
  • Hydraulic aggregate
  • Absolute Encoders
Optional equipment
  • Dual nose spindle
  • Hydraulic chuck
  • Special headstock with powerful motor. With this solution it is possible to obtain a torque of up to       32 000 Nm
  • Hydraulic steady and follow rests
  • C axis with driven tools
  • And many more
Technical specifications
Swing over bed 1150 - 1350 - 1550 mm
Swing over saddle 700 - 900 - 1100/1300 mm
Distance between centres (other lengths for request) 2000 - 4000 - 6000 - 8000 - ... - 16000 mm
Max. workpiece weigth between centres without steady rests (option) 12 000 (20 000) kg
Spindle speed range 2 - 1000 rpm
Main drive power 56 kW

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  • Tur 1350 CNC lathe 450 mm spindle bore

  • TUR 1350 CNC lathe grinding operation

  • TUR 1350 CNC lathe grinding operation

  • TUR 1350 CNC lathe grinding operation

  • TUR 1350 CNC lathe grinding operation

  • TUR 1350 CNC lathe grinding operation

  • TUR 1350 CNC lathe quick tool changing

  • TUR 1550 CNC lathe contour milling

TUR MN 1150/1350/1550
TUR MN 1150/1350/1550