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Sheet metal

Specialist in sheet metal working

Welcome to HACO Sheet Metal, your reliable partner in sheet metal working. With decades of experience and leading technologies, we are known for our high-quality customized solutions for sheet metal fabrication and machining. Whether laser cutting, bending or rolling, at HACO we offer precision, quality and innovation. Find out how we can take your projects to the next level and view our extensive portfolio of success stories. Together, we'll make your sheet metal vision a reality.

Local service, 
Global expertise

From our local hubs, a technically skilled service crew is always on hand to give you fast service. If your old faithful metal cutting machine breaks down after decades of service, we will help your production department get back on its feet in no time by providing decisive support, redesign or retrofit.

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The Euromaster is 4 meters wide, has a capacity of 320 tons and is equipped with a digital control panel for programming. The machine is very user-friendly and accessible to all."

Christophe Lebouc
Head of production, Taillefer


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