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The TUR - 4MN is a manual/CNC combination high-precision heavy duty lathe. Equipped with the very latest Siemens SINUMERIK 840 D SL control system and AC drives the TUR - 4MN is a production unit for manufacturing the high-precision, complicated parts made as one-offs or in small and large batches.
Unlimited applications, no knowledge of programming needed

When the machine is equipped with special tooling system, steady or follow rests, milling unit, grinding unit it offers a high efficient heavy duty lathe for unlimited applications. The great advantage to the user of this lathe is the possibility of employing the highly developed techniques without any special knowledge of programming.

High precision and efficiency

Reduced machining times, the highest and uniform precision of all parts in the batch as well as taking away from the operator his routine work demonstrate the new level of production efficiency. The sequence of motions can involve a single element of machining, a fixed cycle or a complete program.

The first steps are easy to master and you can gradually increase the level of complexity right through to user-friendly easy step programming, ready cycles and full CNC automatic mode.

Fully programmable

The spindle speed is infinitely adjustable from the minimum until maximum speed. CSS is programmable. The machine is equipped with a gearbox which is automatically programmable as standard ensuring a high torque at low speeds. The machine can be equipped with special tooling systems to achieve higher productivity, more flexibility and  reduce non-cutting time.

The heavy duty TUR 4 MN lathes incorporate design features based upon the most recent achievements in the machine tool design and heavy duty machining techniques.

The lathe in standard execution is intended for:

  •  Rough and finish machining
  • Taper turning
  • The application of CNC system allows for automatic machining of work piece according to program
Technical specifications
Swing over bed 700- 1100- 1600- 1800- 2000 mm
Swing over saddle 700- 1100- 1200- 1400- 1600 mm
Distance between centres (other lengths on request) 4000- 5600- 7200-... - 15200- 16800 mm
Max. weight between centres 12000- 15000- 30000 kg
Top spindle speed ranges 2-900/ 2- 700/ 2-360 rpm
Main drive power 56- 98- 150 kW
Max. Turning torque 8250- 32000- 45000 Nm

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Outokumpu VDM puts first lathes into service

Outokumpu VDM’s bar production is currently being re-organized. The re-organization goes hand in hand with investments in modern machinery and equipment. Part of the respective investment program are four TUR 4MN (1100 x 7000) lathes from FAT/HACO.

Until now, Outokumpu VDM’s finishing line for bars is located in Altena, Germany. Here, the producer of nickel, titanium and zirconium alloys and special stainless steels processes hot-rolled and forged bars and semi-finished products in its heat treatment furnaces, lathes, and peeling and grinding machines.

“In future, forged bars thicker than 125 mm will be processed on our brand new factory floor in Unna, Germany, next door to our melting and casting shop and our open die forge which went into operation in 2008”, explains Peter Duempelmann, Project Manager at Outokumpu VDM. Forged bars with a thickness under 125 mm and hot-rolled bars will further on be processed in Altena.


Besides the new turning lathes, other modern production equipment – such as new cutting machines and new ultrasound testing facilities – is currently being installed at both sites as well. During the upcoming months, all new machines will step by step be integrated into the production process.

“The first two lathes have already been put into service. Thanks to the excellent co-operation of all parties involved, we were able to meet our ambitious timetable. All technical questions that came up during the project could be clarified promptly by our competent counterparts at FAT/HACO. From the very beginning, the team at FAT/HACO had a clear focus on our needs and did an excellent job”, says Duempelmann

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