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Automated bending or robot bending

Today's strict requirements concerning productivity, quality and production speed have led to an increasing demand for automated bending systems or robot bending systems. For several years now, Haco has improved upon its unique approach to automated bending.

Thanks to thorough innovations in software and hardware, a robot bending cell can now provide you with maximum precision, productivity and cost-effectiveness. But there are many more advantages to automated metal working.

1. High cost-effectiveness

A single Haco control steers both the press brake and the robot with just 1 production program. This means you need less staff to operate the machine. Furthermore, you can run more shifts, both at night and in the weekend.

2. Maximum productivity

Synchronized production processes, automated setup, programming while the machine is running,... the robot can process everything much faster and doesn’t need to be stopped so often. This way you can maximize your output.

3. Superfast software

The powerful Haco software ensures a superfast, all-in-1 production process. Based on a 3D drawing, the robot ‘brain’ simulates a solution for the folding sequence of the metal and at the same time it programs the machine. What used to take several hours, can now be done in minutes. This allows you to switch easily from one series to another and to produce smaller series from 30 to 80 pieces in a way that is still profitable.

4. Profitable production of smaller series

A robot bending cell can efficiently complete one job after another. No time is lost preparing the machine or installing the materials. This makes production more profitable, even for smaller orders. For exceptionally heavy or complex parts, even a single piece can be automatically produced in an economic way.

5. Constant quality

Automated bending cells are productive non-stop at a constant and high quality. Even after several hours, the machine still delivers precise results. Built-in sensors make sure angles are folded accurately and side lengths are measured correctly.

6. Compensation for the shortage of skilled personnel

Press brake operators need a very specific set of skills. This makes it quite hard to find suitable staff. Automated bending cells deliver top-notch results, even for complex parts, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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Robot bending cell Haco

The Peeters case: A bending program entirely suited to the product the client wants to produce

Hacosoft is a solution created entirely to suit the requirements of the client, taking into account all possible factors. Hacosoft sales representative Roger Collins with a brief overview on the Peeters-case: A bending program entirely suited to  the product the client wants to produce.
What makes the Haco software unique?

Hacosoft controls the bending cell as an integrated whole. Robot and bending machine are perfectly communicating with each other and shouldn't be programmed separately. Our starting point is always the product to be processed. The operator uses Haco's bending know-how to create bending programs.

For what kind of product did the Peeters Group purchase the Haco bendig cell?

The Peeters Group wanted to process fifty different Tulip-products of steel or stainless steel with a thickness of 8 mm. We made a thorough analysis in order to achieve the ideal solution. How many axes did the backgauge need? What type and capacity of robot do we need? Do we place the robot in front or behind the machine?

And the solution was?

In this case we opted for a six-axis Yaskawa robot with a lifting capacity of 165 kg and an additional rotational axis to increase the reach. In consultation with Danny Peeters, CEO of the Peeters Group, we also developed several product-specific grippers. For bending we chose the hydraulic press brake Haco ERM 36-150 (working length 3600 mm, pressing force 150 tons) which has a crowning and a four-axis backgauge.

How did Haco restrict the teach in period?

The bending program is entirely suited to the product the client wants to manipulate. Outcome is an operating system for the entire bending cell. The programming of all parts to be produced can be realized within ten minutes. The cell builder allows the operator to define the fastest processing flow . The bending process can be simulated using a simulation of the real bending process and the integrated collision detection avoids collisions in the bending cell.

Put the strengths of Hacosoft in one sentence.

The programming intelligence takes into account all possible factors whereby the result will always be an error-free product that can be programmed in a few seconds.

End products

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Robot Bending
Robot Bending