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Hacobend 3D: The fastest offline bending software you'll ever see

Hacobend 3D is an extensive offline production preparation package that has been developed for the preparation and processing of 3D products for press brakes. Your first produced part will be correct from the start!
4 Simple steps:

Step 1: Import product drawing

First import the product drawing (DXF wireframe 3D, DXF with thickness 3D, DXF 2D, IGES, …) to let Robosoft define your material properties.

Step 2: The most ideal tool setup

Then the software will propose you the most ideal tool setup, still leaving the opportunity to make manual adjustments.

Step 3: The optimal bending sequence

Robosoft will search in a fully automatic way the optimal bending sequence of your product (some minutes or even seconds for simple products).

Step 4: Immediate production

After finding the optimal bending sequence, the program is ready to be simulated and approved for immediate production.

General features:
  • 3D visualization of the product
  • Display of progress status
  • Automatic product import
  • Creation of press brake program
  • Creation of DXF and ISO for the puncher/laser/plasma
  • Autorun mode
Hacobend 3D modules:
Importer module

Import the product drawing from different formats: DXF wireframe 3D, DXF with thickness 3D, DXF 2D, IGES, …

  • 3d.jpg
Unfold module

Unfold the product for stretched length calculations and optionally send it to a punching machine, shear or laser.

  • unfold module
  • unfold module
  • unfold module
ToolsPlacing module
  • The software automatically proposes tool types in function of the detected product properties. Manual adjustment (tool type, length, position) remains possible.
  • Place toptools, bottomtools, hemming tools.
  • Update the standard tool list by importing new tools, special tools, horned tools and custom tools.
  • Other features: Turn tools, Add/delete tools, Graphic tool library, Different tool types in one setup (same height!), Tool overlap, Tool backup, Unlimited number of tools, Library of available tool sections
  • ToolsPlacing module
BendSequence module
  • The software automatically searches for all possible bending sequences, according to product characteristics, machine setup, tool configuration and many other preferences.
  • The integrated real-time collision detection guarantees that a successful result in the software will lead to a successful result on the shop floor.
  • Manual adjustment of the automatically generated sequence is still possible, as well as the fully manual determination of the bending sequence.
  • All this is supported by a detailed 3D simulation of the virtual press brake and product.
  • Other features: Save bending sequence, Change bending sequence, Show selected bending sequence, Scroll through bending steps, Zoom & rotate 3D-visualisation, Show machine & tools on/off, Common bends support, Internal flaps support, Holes in workpieces support
  • bending sequence module
Back gauge module
  • The software automatically generates back gauge and finger positions according to diffferent adjustable parameters. Manual adjustment remains possible (absolute positions).
  • Retraction (all directions) is also calculated automatically for each step in the bending program.
  • Other features: Placing on predefined positions, Possibility to use one finger, Import any type of custom finger, Machine transparency for better overview, Possibility to enter info text or bitmaps (photos) per step (these appear before the step during production), Bitmap generation of bending steps (visual support for operator)
  • backgauge module
Security Test module
  • Safety is highly important. With the Security Test, the safety of the production is checked and warning are generated in case of possibly dangerous situations during the bending process. This way the safety level for the operator can be increased.
  • Other features: Calculation & display of the speed of the product deformity during bending, display of the product length in front of the machine, per step, Checking distance to next tool, General advice concerning safety during production, Visual real-time test, Possibility to enter info text or bitmaps per step (these appear before the step during production)
  • security test module
Optional module: Robot Bender for Automated Bending

This module can be activated when the bending system is equipped with a robotic arm. This robot then manipulates the products between the bending cycles, just like an operator would.

The creation of the robot program is based on the product bending sequence, and the resulting program controls the robot as well as the press brake. This way the generated program can immediately be executed by the robot cell, without additional calibration or teaching.

The "Cell builder" module of the simulation can be used to create the most suitable setup for the robot cell in a virtual world:

  • Using the integrated collision detection, you can precisely simulate all movements and operations of the program.
  • It's possible to adjust the generated positions step by step.
  • It's possible to change the robot type, the robot manipulator and their calibration.
  • Other robots or new manipulators can be imported.
  • You can also assign re-take positions for the material and stacking positions for the produced parts.
  • The program can be simulated with or without collision detection.
  • During the simulation, the software takes all robot limits and occurring collisions into account.
  • The simulation can be started from a chosen step.
  • automated bending
  • image18081.jpg
  • image18061.jpg
  • robot-02-03-laptop-01.jpg
  • robot-02-03-laptop-02.jpg

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