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Standard multifunctional allround machine

General level pressbrake with market oriented execution.
Extensive choice of options, both basic and sophisticated.
Innovative 2D Multi Touch graphical control. Excellent price/performance
ratio. Integration of advanced safety equipment.

Standard Equipment:

  • FastBEND-2D MT Premium control
              Smart Draft + MultiTasking + Step Previewer + Combined Icons + Auto Tooling
              21.5” Multi Touch screen
  • High Speed X-R Backgauge for accurate sheet positioning
              Stroke X = 800mm, speed = 1000mm/s
              Stroke R = 130mm, speed = 250mm/s
  • European Standard (ES) top clamping with Quick Manual Clamping Arrangement
  • Intermediate clamping with height 100mm (up to 1500kN) or 150mm (from 2000kN)
  • Manual Anti Deflection Table (Crowning) for ES dies, including nute for clamping single-V dies
  • 2 Sheet Supports 750 mm with guiding, manually adjustable in height
  •  LED illumination of the bending area


Your Competitive Edge

  • Outstanding Price-Performance ratio
  • State-of-the-art user friendly 2D Multi Touch Control
  • Highest part precision
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