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Cobots or Collaborative Robots are the ideal complement to your current workforce. The name says it all, these robots are specifically designed to work alongside your employees to process tasks. With additional safety measures, they can be safely deployed alongside human colleagues and help take production to the next level. A small touch is enough to stop them. Safety guaranteed for human, machine and Cobot.

With intuitive programming and smooth adjustments to the task, they are easy to deploy in machine loading. The simple programming allows anyone to set them up. This reduces set-up times and increases efficiency.

By precisely adjusting the force used, the use of a Cobot guarantees more precise loading. In addition, they are extremely reliable, which guarantees your production output of high-quality pieces.

Cobots can be used in multiple aspects of the production process: 

  • Pick & Place: Cobots are the ideal solution for repetitive tasks such as the (un)stacking of semi-finished or finished pieces 
  • Machine Loading: automatic loading by Cobots allows your operator to be more flexible and concentrate on more important tasks
  • Custom Solutions:  with our Cobot implementations, we are able to provide customized solutions according to your needs and wishes
  • Haco Cobots - Pick and Place
  • HACO Cobots - Machinebelading
  • HACO Cobots - oplossingen op maat


  • Safety: Maximum safety for your staff, machine and cobot
  • Talented & Skilled: Precise control of the force used for speed and precision
  • Reliable & Innovative: Lightweight, reliable, innovative technology with simple operation
  • Intuitive & Simple: Simple intuitive programming and operation for everyone
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Payback period < 24 months

Thanks to a low financial entry level and high efficiency of the Cobot, the payback period is considerably quick. In less than 24 months, you already have a full return on the initial investment. 


In addition to the various types of Cobot models, there are numerous options in the arrangement of grippers, grids, loading tables and more. Everything is considered and proposed in function of your production. So you can be sure of an optimally functioning Cobot for your project.