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The Game-Changing Impact of HACO's Fiber Laser at MMR (USA)


To remain competitive and offer cost savings to their clients, MMR in the United States switched to new HACO machines. Last year, they acquired several new machines, including the HACO HFL 4020GX 12kW fiber laser and the impact on their production was tremendous.

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A partnership for over 15 years

In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, MMR is renowned for innovation and excellence in custom cabinetry. Under the leadership of Brian Savoy, the district manager, they have been providing top-notch solutions to their clients for over 8 years. They have relied on HACO for their machines since the beginning, and they are satisfied: "We've been using HACO machines for fifteen years, and whenever we brought a new capability to MMR, we brought HACO along with us," says Brian Savoy.

HAC Opressbrake fiberlaser

New fiber laser, a total game changer 

Last year marked a pivotal moment for MMR as they acquired a HFL 4020GX 12 kW fiber laser from HACO. This acquisition proved to be a game-changer in their fiber cutting, empowering MMR to design and fabricate products previously deemed unfeasible. The transition from a 28-minute to a 28-second processing time catapulted MMR into a competitive edge, offering cost savings and unparalleled efficiency to their customers.


HACO Press brake and shear 

Furthermore, MMR invested in a 16-foot HSL shear and a 16- foot SRM press brake from HACO, expanding their capabilities to handle larger-scale projects seamlessly. With the ability to shear and bend panels up to 16 feet in length, MMR can now construct buildings ranging from 16 to 18 feet wide with precision and ease. Next to these large scale machines, they can also rely on the EMS press brake with sheet following system for production of their custom cabinets. This technological synergy perfectly aligns with MMR's commitment to delivering superior craftsmanship and tailored solutions.

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The key to MMR's success

Brian Savoy attributes MMR's success to the exceptional performance, ease of operation, and reliability of HACO machines. “We're tremendously satisfied with the HACO machines, they’re very easy to operate, very easy to maintain".  Despite the rapid advancements in technology, HACO has remained a steadfast partner, continuously supporting MMR's growth and evolution.

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