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We turn all our skills into tailor made machinery solutions

Machinery Masterminds

Discover HACO group, where a dedicated team of experts, the so-called Machinery Masterminds, have been setting the pace in the field of machine construction for sheet metal and woodworking since 1965. At HACO, everything revolves around realizing the goals set by our customers. Let's work together to find the perfect machine to take your work to the next level. Welcome to HACO!

Flexible experts

Our experienced team brings great flexibility and provides customized solutions for specific needs.

Culture of collaboration

We strive to create a team environment that encourages creativity, resulting in innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

Advanced technologies

Our state-of-the-art multifunctional machine tools exemplify the latest technologies, putting you at the forefront of your industry.

Customized solutions

We are dedicated to providing customized solutions that go beyond standard configurations, no matter what materials you are processing.

Global reach

Our international presence provides access to global expertise and resources, giving you a broader perspective and more opportunities for growth.

Local focus

Our local subsidiaries provide personalized service and support, with extensive local market knowledge.

What HACO moves

At HACO, we strive for innovation and excellence, with efficient solutions and the best price-quality ratio. We are a reliable, flexible total supplier for machine tools in wood, metal or advanced materials. We translate our global expertise locally at company level, through our people.

Benefit from our support

With HACO Service, a team of technical experts is ready for installations, upgrades, inspections, repairs and on-premise or remote support, wherever someone is located. They speak your language, understand your accent and breathe the jargon. Rely on our Machinery Masterminds for flawless service, even when your production department is working overtime!

Sheet metal

"Not only has our production capacity increased enormously, but it is also more enjoyable working for our operators on an ergonomic level with our HACO machines"

Tom Coopman
Owner Coopman Interieur


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