Top Level High-Spec machine

Top level press brake with high-end specifications and  execution. Increased Daylight Opening and Beam Stroke for increased bending freedom. Increased beam and backgauge  speeds for high productivity. Innovative 3D Multi Touch graphical control. Possibility for extension with sophisticated options. Features accurate bending characteristics. Integration of advanced safety equipment.

Intuitive FASTBEND-3D MT control

The PressMaster comes standard with the intuitive FASTBEND-3D MT Premium control. The Multi Touch technology application reduces the number of keyboard and button actions to an absolute minimum. The innovative Smart Draft, Design/Bending Sequence Multitasking, Step Previewer, Combined Icons and Auto Tooling features provide easy, intuitive control of the entire production cycle.



Control: FASTBEND-3D MT sturing met 24" Multi Touch screen
Increased daylight opening (540mm) stroke (370 mm) en gap (400 mm)
Increased Fast Approach Beam Speed up to 200mm/s) and Fast Return Speed (up to 170mm/s)
New Standard (NS) Hydraulic top tool clamping
CNC controlled Anti Deflection Table (Crowning) for NS dies
Backgauge High Speed X-R-Z1-Z2 Backgauge for accurate sheet positioning
2 Sheet Supports with guiding, manually adjustable in height
LED illumination of the bending area
Less Power Consumption through application of Variable Inverter Drive (= VID) for motor-pump unit.
Ultimate Price-Quality Ratio
State-Of-The-Art User Friendly 3D Multi Touch Control
Lowest Cycle Times

Optional equipment

  • Smart Tool Locator (STL) on New Standard (NS) clamping
  • Quick backgauge expendable to  X-R-Z1-Z2-X3, X1-X2-R1-R2-W1-W2, 5- and 6 axis
  • Sheet following system for bending long and thin sheets
  • Optical safety guards LAZERSAFE LZG-LG-HS and IRIS
  • Angle measuring system, ALFA-F, manual or CNC and LAZERSAFE IRIS Plus
  • Parking stations for sheet supports, sheet support system and alfa F
  • Offline bending software HACOBEND Pro
  • Tandem/Tridem configurations for multiple press brakes
  • Automation through robotic integration, standardized or special robot bending cells


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