Roll bending

Roll bending is an advanced technique in sheet metal machining. It allows craftsmen to create precise shapes and structures that meet specific design requirements. Using sheet rolling machines and profile rolling machines, it is possible to transform sheet metal. HACO specializes in offering some state-of-the-art roll bending machines.

HACO sheet metal bending


Wide ability to roll different shapes and contours
Less material waste than other operations
Structure improvement after rolling
Local support by in-house experts

Plate rolling

Plate rolling utilizes a set of heavy-duty rollers to deform and elongate sheet metal. The sheet is placed between the rollers, and by repeatedly feeding the material through the rollers, gradual deformation occurs. Plate rolling is ideal for producing cylindrical shapes such as pipes and tubes. It is widely used in the manufacturing of metal tanks, pipelines, and construction components. The precision and consistency of this technique enable the processing of sheet metal into various products with tight tolerances.

Profile rolling

Profile rolling, on the other hand, focuses on creating specific profiles and contours in sheet metal. This method utilizes rollers with preformed grooves and cutouts that bend the metal into the desired shape. Profile rolling is extremely versatile, offering the ability to produce a wide range of geometries, ranging from simple bends to complex structures.


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