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Custom-size turnkey solutions

BLISS-BRET offers customised turnkey solutions for the aerospace, automotive, military and steel industries.

Our strategic collaboration with the international HACO group expands our global market presence. The synergy between our skills and those of HACO redefines the development of BLISS-BRET.


The combined expertise of three renowned French companies

BLISS-BRET was set up after the merger of three established French companies: scmBLISS, BRET and Normatic. BLISS and BRET were constructing and developing presses for more than 100 years. Normatic was the specialist in the design and the manufacturing of sheet metal feeding lines.

The knowhow of these three companies, forged together into one new enterprise BLISS-BRET, gives us the opportunity to offer technical solutions for a large range of processes and for different industries.

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