Die-forging press


PM range

PM presses offer exceptional precision thanks to similar kinematics to PACK models, but with a remarkably more robust frame.

Their design allows for deeper stamping than conventional presses, with maximum force available at more than 12 mm from the bottom dead centre, offering greater versatility in stamping operations.

Mechanical Presses

At Bliss-Bret, we are committed to excellence and innovation. We strive to provide industry-leading mechanical press solutions.

Every mechanical press is equipped with a range of standard features. However, at Bliss-Bret, we recognise that every application is unique. This is why we offer the option of tailoring these features to meet the specific requirements of your application.

Our team is available to assist with any product requirements, whether for a specific task or a specific configuration.


Monobloc, eccentric FASTBEND 3D MT sturing
Drive shaft Heel snelle X-R-Z1-Z2 Achteraanslag voor accurate positionering van de plaat
Extremely robust and rigid structure New Standard (NS) hydraulische klemming
Optional mechanical ejector (540 mm), Koers (370 mm) en Uitlading (400 mm)
Enables deeper drawing (maximum force available at 12mm from bottom dead centre)
Uitstekende prijs/kwaliteit verhouding
State-of-the-art gebruiksvriendelijke 2D Multi touch Control
Kortste cyclustijden

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