Robot bending cell

HACO FLEX BEND is a compact robot bending cell which automates the bending of small to medium sized parts in a fast and cost-efficient manner with top precision. Programming is handled completely offline and requires no robot teaching at the machine.

Main features

  • Fast automatic programming of the press brake and robot
  • Space saving design, only 4 x 5 mm of floor space
  • Part sizes from 35 x 100 mm up to 300 x 500 mm
  • Product weight max 5 kg
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Equipment and pheripherals

Electrical pressbrake EMaster 13040 Tonnage 40 tons - Machine length 1.3 meter • 4-axis backgauge with finger detection
FANUC robot M-20iD/35 with 30iB controller 6 axis robotic arm • Armlength: 1831 mm • Payload: 35 kg
Double sheet detection for ferro and non-ferro metal
Reference station For an identical position for the robot to pick up
Retake station with manually adjustable arms and is equipped with suction cups as well as with magnets.
Robot gripper Universal mechanical robot gripper
Safety equipment various safety features for the protection of the operators
High cost effectiveness even for smaller series
User friendly software
Constant quality

Optional press brake equipment

  • Hydraulic press brake
  • Hydraulic clamping
  • 5 axes

Robot gripper

  • Automatic robot gripper
  • Gripper change system
  • Chute to slide pieces into a box


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