Budgetable shear

The TS/TSX series shears remain the pacesetters in the price/quality ratio market of today. With thousands of units running day after day all over the world, we are convinced of the durability and craftmanship of these machines. All our TS shears are equipped with power rake angle adjustment from the SP9 control panel and quick blade gap adjustment.  test

Auto blade gap

Our quick blade gap adjustment - model TS -  is located conveniently in front of the machine. 
Adjustment ranges from 0,05 mm blade gap for thin sheet thicknesses and progressively increases for heavier thicknesses up to the maximum shear capacity

Automatic blade gap adjustment -model TSX - in function of the material thickness by means of 2 hydraulic cylinders

HACO tsx autobladegap2
HACO tsx autobladegap

Intuitive controls

the SP9 – model TS – is very easy to operate with entry fields for back gauge position, cutting angle and cutting length.

The SC101 T fits all requirements for sheet cutting operations that require the highest accuracy and minimum time-loss. Creating 
a program requires only a few actions. The program parameters include: back gauge position, cutting time, sheet thickness, blade angle & blade gap setting. The blade gap adjustment is done electrohydraulically.

SP9 neuf
Haco GSX 3006 R NC Steuerung SC101 T


Control: SP9 with 2 displays en keyboard; SC101 T with LCD display, touchscreen and keyboard
Blade gap Quick manual blade gap setting with SP9; automatic blade gap setting with SC101T test
Backgauge 2 rigids arms, assuring a precise postioning of the sheet
2 under driven cylinders
Squaring arm of 1000 mm with scale, T-slot and tilling stop
Intuitive controls, no training required
Excellent price-quality ratio
Highest cutting precision

Optional equipment

  • Hand safety guard with hand gaps for handling small sheets.
  • Squaring arms and front support arms with or without scale, T-slots and tilting stop. Lengths from 1000 up to 3000mm
  • Protractor for angle shearing.


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