Knuckle-joint press


PG range

PG presses are designed for rapid descent and extension at bottom dead centre, enabling more precise control of the deformation and shaping of the material during hot forging.

Their design also requires less torque to deliver the same force, which allows for the limitation of motor power and reduction of energy consumption.

These features make PG presses effective tools for hot forging applications requiring greater precision and speed of action.

Mechanical Presses

At Bliss-Bret, we are committed to excellence and innovation. We strive to provide industry-leading mechanical press solutions.

Every mechanical press is equipped with a range of standard features. However, at Bliss-Bret, we recognise that every application is unique. This is why we offer the option of tailoring these features to meet the specific requirements of your application.

Our team is available to assist with any product requirements, whether for a specific task or a specific configuration.


Monoblock knuckle-joint system
Horizontal or vertical frame as required
4 homogeneous radiating slides to take account of expansion
Capacities up to 12,000 kN
They require less torque for the same effort than conventional eccentric presses
The radiating slides ensure that any deformation is uniform, so that the geometry remains precise
Customised on request

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