Roll bending machine

4 Roller excel in their ability to manufacture products at high speed. They complete the entire production process in one smooth motion, providing user-friendly and convenient machining.

4HBR Rolls

4 roller models excel in high-speed production. In fact, the 4 rollers enable sheet metal to be formed in either direction, eliminating the need for the operator to pick up the part manually. Standard with electro-hydraulic control, it can be equipped with two digital controls for even greater production output.


Hardened rolls 50 to 55HRC
Hydraulic conical bending device
Hydraulic drop-end
Centralised ergonomic control panel
Hydraulic overload protection safety system
Operating and instructions manual
Cavo di sicurezza attorno alla macchina
Possibility of smaller diameter
Better pre-bending due to slight clamping between central plate

Optional equipment

  • Ferrule ejection device for easy handling
  • Hydraulic side supports to support the part during the rolling phase
  • Central support to support the workpiece during the rolling phase
  • NEXUS digital control (4HBR only), which memorizes manual movements previously performed, so that they can be reproduced for the rest of the series
  • EVO 4.0 numerical control (4HBR only), which lets you design your part to automatically generate axis movements.
  • Program saving function for numerical controls.
  • Teflon rollers for aluminum rolling
  • Radius meter
  • Remote control

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