Entry Level pressbrake

Entry level press brake with basic execution for operation with European Standard Tooling. Possibility to extend with straightforward options. Attractive price/quality ratio.  Standard with user friendly 2D graphical touch control.

Intuitive EASYBEND-2D T+ control

The SynchroMaster comes standard with the intuitive EASYBEND-2D T+ graphical control. Designed specifically for 2D applications, this user-friendly interface provides graphical support during both drawing and production. With features such as automatic calculation of bending sequence, collision detection and program creation, the SynchroMaster is ideal for operators of different experience levels, including those with limited technical training.



EASYBEND-2D T+ graphic control with 18" Touch screen specially designed for 2D applications
Increased Daylight Opening (540m), Stroke (370mm) and Gap (400mm)
Clamping New Standard (NS) hydraulic top tool clamping
ES connectors with height 150 mm and 120 mm Heavy-Duty (HD)
Table for ES dies, including capability for clamping New Standard (NS) mono V dies
X backgauge Expandable up to X-R, X-R-Z/Z' en X-R-Z1-Z2
Good price-quality ratio
Entry level machine

Optional equipment

  • Easybend-2D MT graphic control with 18" Multi Touch screen
  • Alternative ES quick clamps ROL1 CLAMP3, ROL200, …,manual, pneumatic or hydraulic
  • Crowning table, manual or CNC, for ES dies, including ability to clamp New Standard (NS) mono V dies
  • Optical light protection devices  DSP and FIESSLER AKAS ® LC-II M
  • Two 750 mm support arms manually movable on linear guideway
  • Parking station for support arms
  • Offline bending software HACOBEND Pro


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