The HACO Group: producer of machinery for the railway industry

Published in the French magazine: “Usine Nouvelle”

Mubea Systems and Bliss-Bret meet the technical specifications for the railway industry. The Mubea double Drillflex is designed to produce railway tracks, while Bliss-Bret takes care of the forging press for the manufacturing of railway switches.


Mubea Systems is specialized in designing and producing a complete range of 5-axis CNC machining centers: we offer machinery designed for automatic tooling of exceptionally long aluminum profiles and high speed cutting of solids in aluminum and new materials like titanium. We also develop software. After 20 years of research, development and manufacturing, Mubea Systems has received references throughout the world and has participated in the modernization of numerous manufacturing plants or assemblies in the railway and aeronautical industry.



One of the latest realisations of Mubea Systems for the Geismar Groupe is a 42 metres long drilling/sawing bench with two drilling units: each of them equipped with 40 tools.

The Drillflex has been incorporated into an existing Geismar production line. This co-production is intended to modernize the manufacturing and machining of rails at Infrabel.

Geismar, with its 1,000 employees, is one of the world's leading manufacturers of railway installations and maintenance equipment. Our project was realized with their Mécanescaut branch at Valenciennes. The managers of Mécanescaut are very satisfied with this co-realization.


Bliss-Bret has manufactured a PHD 150 forging press for Infrabel for the production of railway switches for the entire Belgian railroad network. The investment was necessary in order to manufacture in the best possible conditions and optimize the quality of the parts.

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