Q5 punch press with automated unloading system for Autokühler

Autokühler, a German producer of car parts and accessories, recently purchased one of our Q5 CNC punch presses. The automated unloading system is remarkable.

Autokulher upgraded from our Omatic punch presses to the new Q5 Punch PressWhy? What makes this so unique is the ability to form up, and or bend sheet metal 3” (75mm) in a punching machine. With most conventional turret punch presses, you have a maximum height of between 3/8” to a ½” maximum. What this will enable shops to do, is possibly eliminate a bending operation, hence, punch and then bend or form the part and then drop it down the parts chute.


These machines are equipped with a round automatic tool changer (ATC) and a single punching head. With a high-speed auto index rotating punching head, any size tool in any station can be indexed in just a few seconds. This way the number of tools for a job can be reduced with 40 up to 70% and flexible tool changes are increased.

Discover the automated unloading system in this movie:

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