New 7-axis Euromaster S speeds up Munkebo Clemco's production

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Our Danish dealer Sandfeld just finished the set up of a new CNC Press Brake. A 7-axis Euromaster S 40220 press brake with a user-friendly FastBend Premium 2D control will speed up the production of Munkebo CLEMCO.

The Euromaster S will replace Munkebo's older 4000 x 180 ton press brake, due to the desire for more tons, shorter cycle times and easier operation. After a set up of 2 days Munkebo CLEMCO was ready to bend parts again.

Plate holding system --> Ergonomy

Pogramming has become easier and more intuitive, while the plate holding system helps the operator to ergonomically produce higher quality parts in shorter cycle times. 

About Munkebo

Munkebo CLEMCO A / S (ex. Munkebo Production A / S) was founded in 1963. Since the beginning the company has been specializing in manufacturing equipment for surface treatments all over the world.

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