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Masterminds in offline software

Bending software

HACO's bending software sets the standard for efficiency in metalworking. With advanced features, it significantly reduces programming time and increases operator accessibility. The software provides an all-in-one solution for modern metalworking.


Improve your bending processes from A to Z with HACO's advanced HACOBEND Pro software. This powerful tool is designed to more effectively organize and manage bending operations. From initial design to final bending, HACOBEND Pro provides a seamless workflow, giving you complete control over every stage of the process. Simplify complex bending operations, optimize accuracy and save valuable time.

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HACO's offline robot bending software is designed to take your sheet metal working processes to new heights. With this advanced software, you can effortlessly and accurately control a robotic cell, making your sheet metal processing more efficient than ever before.


Cutting software

HACO's cutting software allows companies to program more easily, simply, and quickly offline. This advanced software offers an intuitive and efficient solution, allowing companies to plan and execute their cutting processes with precision. This not only reduces programming time, but also increases overall productivity and flexibility.


HACOSOFT LASER delivers a powerful offline nesting software solution for laser plate machining, combining advanced CAD functionality with an intuitive design section. With its focus on precision laser plate machining, HACOSOFT LASER offers an ideal solution for companies striving for high-quality results and efficient use of resources in their sheet metal processes.

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