FMC: Flat (Bed) Milling Centers

All elements of the FMC planner milling machines are from cast iron to improve to stability of the machine. Depending on the height of work piece, machine can be equipped with a fixed or movable cross rail.

Till 8 meters’ table length the X axis is driven by a ball screw supported by a patent solution in combination with a backlash free planetary gearbox. Longer tables are driven by rack and pinion according to master/slave principle.

Standard we use a Siemens 840D sl control in combination with Heidenhain linear scales to secure a high accuracy and repeatability. The travel of Z-axis is secured by two preloaded ball screws to avoid deflection during heavy duty operations.

During the whole design of the machine we focused on safety for operators and apply the latest CE regulations.

The FMC range is also available in gantry design.




Tool Magazine
Standard our machine tools are equipped with a tool magazine. Depending on the number of tools we offer a disk, chain or rack in combination with robot arm. In addition, a custom designed tool changer can be provided.

Angular Head
To maintain a high torque, we developed and produce the Angular heads in house. Our Angular heads can handle up to 5100Nm torque. Next to fix angular heads we also offer swiveling heads with a position angle of each 5° up to 0, 5°. In the range of milling heads, we also offer units with special shapes to have better access on difficult accessible work faces. The different heads are locked by a Hirth and clamped on the spindle by hydraulic pressure.

Head Magazine
The complexity of different work pieces requires a large number of optional milling heads. Thanks to the Head Changer, milling heads can be stowed and changed automatically.

Second Spindle
The modular design of the FMC range machine tools creates the possibility to add a second spindle. This spindle can be as well horizontal on the cross rail or vertical on a side column. Both spindles can work simultaneously.

Clamping Solutions
Depending on the specific characteristic of the work piece we developed several clamping solutions, in order to reduce repositioning of the work piece and to have better accessibility. The clamps are designed to handle a high torque during operation.