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John Deere dealer chooses Combicut

For a quarter of a century Harry Strell of SWA has been selling and repairing John Deere tractors in Belgian Ardennes. Along with his son, Mathieu, he goes a step further. Grippers, pelican boxes, couplings, flanges.... SWA cuts them to size. For twenty years manually, they recently changed to CNC.

Mathieu Streel: "Our core business is to sell and repair John Deere tractors. Outside the harvest season, we design tractor parts. With the arrival of our new CNC plasma cutting machine, we want to revalue this sideline."

"Until now we’ve cut metal with our optical cutting machine. For twenty years we cut manually with a cutter with an optical eye. We cut up to eight millimeters thick. The precision is incomparable to our new plasma cutting machine. With the Combicut we’ll especially win a lot of precious time. Time is money," says Mathieu Streels.

Carry out the ideas of our customers

"For twenty years we’ve been designing tractor parts," Harry goes on. "Grippers, flanges, couplers... We design, cut and weld them here to size at SWA. These are activities farmers simply are unable to do. They even come from France to let us do this. We carry out the ideas of our customers. For example a gripper specially designed to work in the woods."

"In our search for a solution to optimize this business and to become more productive, we decided with HACO. From our first visit to their demo center in Ardooie we had a clear picture of how the Combicut works. Immediately it became clear that the CNC controller and operation software Haco develops belongs to the most user friendly and complete systems on the market. After thirty minutes we were already cutting our first production pieces."

An extra dimension

"Our plasma cutting machine is also the largest in the region, a benefit that counts. I think this Combicut will prove SWA many services. I think we’ve added an extra dimension to our John Deere activities," concludes Mathieu.

End products

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  • plasma cutting machine
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  • plasma cutting part