The HACO Group: advanced milling solutions

DTI, FAT HACO and Mubea Systems offer advanced milling solutions: from turn-key projects and custom development to specialized machinery for the aviation industry.



With the strategic taking over of the Polish firm DTI, the HACO Group is reinforcing its international established position in the custom-made industrial market. Thanks to the incorporation of DTI, we are capable of offering our clients even more special-purpose custom designed machine tools and also the implementation of “turn-key” projects. The company’s plane, gantry milling machines and horizontal boring mills focus on custom projects. DTI’s big, heavy milling machinery is dedicated for machining tough and demanding materials such as Inconel, Titanium, Hadfield steel, etc. Customers can now rely on these customized machines to use new, tough materials in order to increase their output and reduce production costs.

Read the whole DTI story here.

FAT HACO: wide range of CNC lathes

FAT HACO joined the HACO group in 1998 and has since then expanded their range of lathes. Nowadays FAT designs, manufactures and installs horizontal CNC lathes, CNC slant bed lathes and even special machines. A great example of FAT’s technical knowhow is the shipping of an impressive multi-purpose turn-mill center FTM 1000 x 7500 to Australia: read the article here.


Mubea Systems: advanced solutions for the aviation industry

Mubea Systems manufactures a complete range of 5-axis CNC machining centers: we offer machinery designed for automatic tooling of exceptionally long aluminum profiles and high speed cutting of solids in aluminum and new materials like titanium. Mubea Systems offers advanced solutions for the aviation industry.

In 2015, Mubea Systems installed the Mega-Flex High Speed machining center for XIAN AIRCRAFT, the biggest aircraft manufacturer and developer of large and medium-sized airplanes in China. Read the article here.

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