Technology in the picture: EUROMASTER S with Sheet Following System (SFS)

The EUROMASTER S with Sheet Following System will be operated to bend large but thin sheets of galvanized steel (f.e. 2 x 1 m). Only the edges of the sheet will have bends of 20-30mm.

Because of the large length of 2 m (or even 4m) and the small thickness, it’s necessary to use a Sheet Following System in order to prevent the sheet from sagging.

Increasing operator safety and reducing part damage

It’s very difficult and unsafe for the operator to support large sheets during bending. The Sheet Following System supports the sheet during the upward movement, hereby increasing operator safety and reducing the chance of damaging the part.

Useful for bigger thicknesses

The SFS is also very useful for bigger thicknesses; it will prevent the heavy sheet from falling down during the fast-return movement of the beam, making the job easier and safer for the operator.

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