Open House at Bliss-Bret Slovakia

Celebrating 20 years in Slovakia

On the 17th of March, Bliss-Bret a.s. celebrated 20 years of cooperation between the HACO Group and the Liptov machinery plant in Slovakia with an Open House. Visitors got a tour in the manufacturing facilities of HACO Slovakia, including the production areas of press-brakes, hydraulic shears and profile shears.

Pictures of our Open House:

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The 2PHS1000 Press in action:

Visitors of the Open House also enjoyed an introduction of the current production of hydraulic (1000 T) and mechanical (500 T) presses. You can watch the video of our 2PHS1000 hydraulic press here:

Technical specifications:

Ram force at maximum power 1 000 tons
Maximum ram stroke 1 600 mm
Dimensions of the ram bolster 3 000 × 2 500 mm
Table dimensions 3 000 × 2 500 mm
Opening of the press at the top dead center 2 500 mm
Opening of the press at the bottom dead center 900 mm
Height of moving table 400 mm
Main Engines Power at 1500 rev / min 4 x 200 kW
Speed of the approach tool 800 mm / sec
Operating speed of a force 1 000 tonnes 64 mm / sec
Operating speed of a force 300 tonnes 206 mm / sec
Return speed of ram 750 mm / sec
Maximum return force 88 tons
Oil tank volume 12 500 l
Maximum working pressure 320 bar
Maximum tool weight 40 000 kg
Weight of the press 140 000 kg
More information about our presses? Contact us:

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