New webshop for Kingsland Tooling

HACO KINGSLAND recently launched its successful new webshop. It offers punches, dies and blades for KINGSLAND’s famous steel & iron workers.
Quickly, efficiently and simply

Our webshop offers you the opportunity to order tooling for your KINGSLAND machines quickly, efficiently and simply. Our tooling is small, well priced and in demand, and this service will allow you to place orders with minimum fuss. We will, of course,  still be available by phone and email for any questions you have.

Customer care

“This move is in line with our policy of customer care. We want to offer our customers with thousands of Kingsland machines a convenient way to order new tooling quickly and simply, all at a very competitive price,” said Jim Bogaert, Marketing Manager of the Haco Group. “This product is perfect for an online shop and with the built in clearance calculator, you can be sure to order the correct tooling for any requirement!”

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