New production capabilities with ‘The Pressmaster’ for DHK

DHK is specialized in production of steel and aluminium parts. DHK cuts, punches, bends, paints and lacquers sheet metal. DHK is mainly specialized in dispatching and logistics of metal parts and accessories. Therefore, they've decided to invest in a full CNC press brake, that meets all their demands and gives them more production speed.

Philippe Dubois (General Manager DHK): "Because of our successful collaboration with HACO for more than 10 years, we’ve decided to work together with HACO once more. We already have 5 HACO machines and we are really pleased with its service and quality."

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Robot for fully automated production

"About our new press brake; we will equip it with a robot to complete our fully automated production line. In past years we acquired a lot of know-how on CNC-bending and discovered some limits of our current machines. That’s why we’ve decided to invest in this new Pressmaster where the CNC bending technology is key."

More jobs

"This will allow us to take on some jobs which were previously much harder or impossible for us to do. Today, we are very happy to have chosen for a HACO CNC press brake."

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