New forging press produces railroad switches for Infrabel

Infrabel recently invested in a new forging press for their workshop in Chapelle-lez-herlaimont. The workshop of Bascoup in Chapelle-lez-Herlaimont is the only place in Belgium where Infrabel manufactures railroad switches for Infrabel.

Each year, the workshop of Bascoup produces approximately 220 railroad switches for the Belgian railway network. The workshop was established in 1912. In the last century, the workshop has undergone major changes and has always looked for expanding the railway infrastructure.

The investment in the machine park, especially to increase security and improve the high-quality railway network, has resulted in the investment of a hydraulic Forging Press. This forging press has been developed, produced and installed by BLISS-BRET.

A triple sided hydraulic forging press

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BLISS-BRET has been manufacturing presses for more than 100 years. The forging presses are mechanical or hydraulic presses. For their manufacturing needs, Infrabel has ordered by BLISS-BRET a triple sided hydraulic forging press.

The forging press for the workshop in Bascoup is a hydraulic forging press which forms parts heated up to 1200°C. To install a production tool tailored to the needs of Infrabel, BLISS- BRET developed the press in collaboration with the engineers of the Bascoup workshop. Specific requests were taken into account.

Machine specifications

**Slide capacity at maximum pressure** 1500 kN
**Inferior injection force** 200 kN
**Superior ejection force** 200 kN

Ergonomics and safety

The delivered forging press is equipped with the latest systems to ensure the safety and health of users. Light curtains on the work area, aspiration and filtration system, equipment for loading and unloading of tools, safety PLC, and PLC with touch screen increase the ergonomics for the operators.

The Forging Press at the workshop of Bascoup


Railroad switches forged with the Bliss Bret Forging Press

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About Infrabel

Infrabel is responsible for the Belgian railway network and ensures optimum performance of the Belgian railways, catenaries, switches, signals, crossings, etc. Mobility and accessibility in Belgium are their primary tasks, which is why they keep expanding the railway infrastructure. Infrabel makes good use of the opportunities and through numerous projects, continues to turn the Belgian railways into an indispensible means of transportation.


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