New ATPL exposed at Welding Week 2015

From 20 to 22 october HACO has exposed the new ATPL Plasma Cutting Machine at Welding Week (Antwerp). 

The made in Europe ATPL series plasma cutting machines provide a wide range of capabilities, including conventional high-speed plasma cutting, high definition plasma cutting and plasma marking.

The machine is equipped with the  Hypertherm Micro Edge Pro touch screen CNC with easy to use functions such as: Cutpro wizard, cutting optimization tips, built in process databank allowing the operator to select the material type and thickness.

  • 20151020112750-1.jpg
  • 20151020132415-1.jpg
  • 20151020132427-1.jpg
  • 20151020132434-1.jpg
  • 20151020133139-1.jpg
  • 20151020133145-1.jpg
  • 20151020140303-1.jpg
  • 20151020140837-1.jpg
  • 20151022104607-1.jpg
  • 20151022124240-1.jpg

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