Impressive Performance of the Month: Procurement Centre celebrating 40th birthday!

Congratulations, we'll drink to that!

In name of the board of directors and all staff of the HACO group HACO sincerely congratulates Procurement Centre - our machine dealer for Thailand - with the 40th Year Anniversary of their company. 

Johan Dejonghe (Sales Director Haco Group): "During all these years, we have enjoyed our relationship not only as a pure fruitful business activity,  but also very inspiring and satisfying in human terms.During the course of our relationship, the Thai culture has impressed us very positively on many occasions."

"Procurement Centre being Haco’s worldwide long lasted importership is proof of many qualities and capabilities on both sides and a guarantee towards our common customers for valuable machines and exceptional service."

"Thank you to establish and to support the HACO brand in Thailand, and by extension, in the greater South-East Asia. We thank the Venakul family for all the business during these four decades, half a life-time, and want to express our hope that our relationship may last for many more years to come."

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  • Mr. Roger Havegeer and Mr. Roger De Marez (founders of The Haco Group)

  • Mr. Andy Raedt (Area Sales Manager Southeast Asia HACO), Mr. Mario Havegeer (CEO Haco Trading), Mr. Kurt Havegeer (CEO HACO), Mr. Frank Havegeer (COO HACO) and Johan Dejonghe (Sales Director HACO).

Pictures of last exhibiton Procurement did with our Products (Thailand):


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