High Accurate Pressbrake  

HACO’s PressMaster series hydraulic CNC pressbrakes features a full integration of high level machine, control, software, safety and tooling technology for the benefit of short set up times, high part accuracy and safe operation without compromising on productivity.

The state-of-the-art Multi Touch FastBEND MT Premium control offers Automatic Tool Search during designing your part along with instantaneous calculation of bending sequence and NC program.

The machine  can be optionally equipped with the ‘Smart Tool Locator’ system indicating the correct tooling position as well as the active tooling during the bending process.

Lazersafe’s Optical Safety Guard system IRIS guarantees safe operation controlling the entire area around the top tooling, discontinuing the fast downward movement of the beam instantaneously when detecting any safety hazard in the protected area.

The New Standard Tooling system offers the highest accuracy and durability. Vertical loading together with the unique self seating and self aligning characteristics guarantee short set up times.

The symbiosis of the above technologies results in an unprecedented flexible pressbrake operation offering short set up times and high accuracy parts with +/- 0.1mm dimensional and +/- 20’ angle precision.

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