HACO at Machtool exhibition: showcasing sheet metal machines and lathes!

HACO FAT (sheet metal) and FATHACO (lathes) are exhibiting both their machines at Machtool in Poznan (9-12/06/15). "With our Pressmaster press brake, HSL(X) guillotine shear and Kingsland Ironworker we're showing the visitors that HACO has a lot to offer", says Pawel Janas, Director at HACO FAT. "We're the leading Polish manufacturer of CNC lathes. No one can deny this anymore", Maciej Jeziorny, sales representative at FATHACO, continues.

Sebastian Chomicz on the new control on the Pressmaster press brake: 

"With our new multi-touch control, we set a new standard. Bending programs can be made easily. Everything is compact and the buttons are closer together for easier access. The design of both the user interface and the 24-inch multi-touch screen is upgraded. This control, combined with the SyncView, makes the Pressmaster the brake of the future."


Pawel Janas about HACO Kingsland's Ironworkers: 

"The Machtool visitors can discover our full range of Kingsland compacts, multis, presses, and much more today. With a wide varitey of linear rails, CNC tables, punch cutting lines, tube punching, and drilling/milling centres (to name but a few), HACO FAT can offer the perfect solution."


Anna Kaszuba, marketing responsable at HACO FAT, about the TS(X) shear: 

"The HSL(X) series remain the pacesetters in the price/quality ratio market of today. With thousands of units running day after day all over the world, we are convinced of the durability and craftmanship of these machines."


Maciej Jeziorny, sales representative at FATHACO about the FATHACO Lathes: 

"With over 60 years of experience in lathe building, we still deliver top performance lathes at competitive prices. We're showcasing our lathes at Machtool to show the world that FATHACO has a wide range of solutions for turning and is still the number one lathe manufacturer in Poland!"


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