FastBEND MT Premium

Next-generation bending

The FastBEND  MT Premium Controls set a new standard in the market for flexible, reliable and high precision sheet metal bending.

Driven by state-of-the-art PC-based hardware, the system allows for very fast data processing and highly accurate calculation of the optimal bending programs for hydraulic CNC press brakes.

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Intuitive Multi Touch control with multitasking

The application of Multi Touch technology reduces the number of keyboard- and button actions to an absolute minimum. The innovative Smart Draft, Design/Bending Sequence Multitasking, Step Previewer and Combined Icons features allow the operator a straightforward, intuitive control of the entire production cycle.

Integrated work piece preparation:

The Bend Manager 2D MT software on the control is designed to control the press brake and to execute manually created or automatically generated programs. The generation of programs can be done by means of offline software or directly on the CNC control on the machine.

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