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FAT, a member of the Haco Group, is Europe’s leading manufacturer of conventional and CNC lathe machinery. With over 60 years of experience in lathe building, we deliver top performance lathes at competitive prices.

FAT Haco offers you the benefit of our vast experience – since the year 1945 over 50.000 machine tools have been sold in many countries around the world!

Our excellently equipped machine shop, assembly facility, research office and our own foundry allows us to manufacture most components by ourselves - complete from casting to the finished product. FAT works closely with you to develop the absolute best product for your needs. Our experience and quick reaction time will save you both time and money. Together, let’s make creative imagination our only limitation!



1869 — Foundation as a Locksmith Company

1902 — Metal work company of Gustav Trelenberg - for production of steel construction for the building industry, railways, trams and industrial locomotives.

1945 — Production of simple planing machines, saws and drills, later specializing in manufacturing horizontal lathes: TUC40, TUD40/50/63, TUR50/63 which were very well known in Poland and overseas markets.

1992 — Delivered the 50.000th machine tool made by FAT

1995 — Expanded the range of lathes to include universal lathes TUR 560/630/710, TUR 50/63/68 cnc lathes and highly productive multi-spindle automatics.


1998 — FAT joined the HACO GROUP

  • new investments and increased production  of mn & cnc lathes 
  • new machine shop 
  • production of modern teach-in lathes using  state-of-the-art Technology     
  • special projects 
  • new sales strategy through dealer network 
  • taking over a cast-iron foundry in Koluszki 
  • production of the heavy duty 4-guide ways lathes
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