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BRET and BLISS - both members of the HACO Group - specialize in the design and manufacturing of hydraulic and mechanical presses.



BLISS-BRET is born out of the marriage of three established French companies: BLISS, BRET and Normatic.

BLISS and BRET were constructing and developing presses for more than 100 years.
Normatic was the specialist in the design and the manufacturing of sheet metal feeding lines.

BLISS-BRET was a French company a few years ago; today it has become a European company with engineering and mounting department in France and production department in Slovakia (BLISS-BRET SK).

Custom made solutions = our speciality


The knowhow of these three companies, forged together in one new enterprise BLISS-BRET, gives us the opportunity to offer custom made press-solutions for a large range of processes and for different industries.

Today BLISS-BRET offers, beneath its standard presses, custom-size turnkey solutions, including:

  • Project assistance
  • Engineering and design of presses and periphery
  • Integration of periphery and machines
  • Starting-up and production of first parts in our workshop
  • Production support and production improvement
  • Subcontracting solutions such as welding and machining
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