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Bio4Heating was born in order to satisfy different requests from our customers; people are paying more and more attention to heating costs and to the transformation of solid biomass. For these reasons and thanks to the co-operation with external laboratories and specialized technicians, we have developed a large range of products including hot air generators, shredders, briquetting presses as well as pellets stoves. Beside these products, we have designed for industrial buildings a new air-cooler with water.

The Bio4Heating range of machines is an excellent solution for wood-heating-systems, giving a very high efficiency rate as well as the full respect of our nature and of the main international norms against pollution.


Wood is one of the most used energy in Europe, covering under different forms (pellets, chips, ...) almost half of the production of renewable energy. In order to reduce costs and also CO2 emissions, technology must be envolved a lot. For these reasons Bio4Heating has designed and developed a new range of hot air generators environmentally friendly, with low consumption and following the latest european norms.

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By using biomass with Bio4Heating hot air generators, you may obtain important costs reductions on electricity and heating for civil and industrial buildings; this is due to the cheaper price of biomasses compared to fossil fuel and electricity.


    Bio4Heating hot air generators are caracterized by their high thermal efficiency and are mostly used to warm industrial and civil buildings. The internal shell is built in a refractory inox-steel and the external casing is made in painted or galvanized carbon plate panels, allowing a perfect seal of the hot air re-circulation. The ECO system allows the recycling of the combustion smokes (up to 70%), re-conveying them again into the combustion chamber. The ECO system allows discharging a type of soot, which is less rich in CO2, from the chimney; by this solution, heating power and thermal efficiency increase; at the same time the consumption of burned material reduces at least of 20%.


    Bio4Heating automatic feeders have been designed and developed in order to feed hot air generators with wood waste such as saw-dust, chips, shredded pieces, pellets or briquettes. The main advantages of our feeders are to save time and work for loading, to give always the correct quantity into the hot air generator, to produce the right heat and to reduce the consumption of the generator itself. Thanks to our feeders, the hot air generators are not subject to high pressures and have a longer life.

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