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Boosting efficiency with HACO Fastbend

24 January 2024
Fast Bend2 D Ttouchscreen2

With the intuitive FastBEND 2D/3D MT software, operating a press brake becomes child’s play. The in-house developed software also offers the unique feature of real-time bending sequence calculation and collision control during workpiece drawing.

Custom bending with a short preparation time

The control provides an intuitive interface to easily, quickly and efficiently program bend parts. The ability to bend custom made parts with a short preparation time is the strength of this control. Thanks to the intuitive interface, in just a few hours of training, a new operator can already work independently. The controller has a powerful industrial  processor and is equipped with a 21.5" or 24" multi-touch screen. Combined with high-performance software, this provides a particularly user-friendly solution.

Fast Bend2 D Ttouchscreen2

Real-time shift sequence calculation and collision control

The control features excellent 2D/3D visualization. Multi-touch technology enables a  smooth operation based on only a limited number of key combinations. The innovative Smart Draft feature allows the operator to quickly draw a sketch with the tip of his finger. While drawing the product, the FastBEND software checks in real time the feasibility based on the set machine configuration.

The Step Viewer-functionality, visualises  all the steps of the bending program in advance. You can easily adjust the bending sequence in the step previewer with a finger movement. The software immediately calculates and visualizes the impact of these changes. The use of multi-function icons on a graphical template ensures easy use.

Fast Bend2 D Tstepviewer2

Optimize bending cycles easy and fast

A smart copy function allows you to edit and optimize the program easily. Manual program adjustments to the angle, back gauge or bending cycle, can be transferred to the entire program via this sync function. The control also offers cycle management, optimizing the bending cycle for each bending step. In addition to numerous drawing functions, the software also offers solutions for double, false and numerous special bending functions. All periphery inherent to bending can also be controlled with the FastBEND 2D/3D MT control.

Comprehensive solution

The combination of FastBEND and the new HacoBend Pro (launching later this year) for offline programming of press brakes, HACO offers a complete solution for companies looking to optimize their complete bending process from conception to execution. Through a user-friendly user interface, the operator can easily and quickly create efficient bending programs to optimize the use of the press brake. A smart, fast bending sequence calculation with automatically generated back gauge determination and optimized tool configuration contribute to faster configuration and shorter cycle times.