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About Bliss Bret

Since 1875, BLISS-BRET has been designing and manufacturing turnkey solutions including industrial presses, decoiling lines and the integration of new technologies.

Thanks to the support of the HACO Group, Bliss-Bret has perfected and expanded to reach global markets.

We are recognised for our European quality expertise and our commitment to innovation.

Our core values include respect for our customers and partners and responsibility for meeting deadlines and their specific needs.

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The power of three renowned French companies

BLISS-BRET is the result of the merger of BRET, founded in Verneuil in 1875, and BLISS, founded in Saint Ouen in 1905. Thanks to its expertise, the quality of its products and its vision of the future of industry, BLISS BRET has been able to reinvent itself over the years.

Following the integration of NORMATIC in 1992, the European BLISS-BRET group initiated the development of global solutions with the integration of decoiling and production lines.

BLISS-BRET's membership of the HACO group, which specialises in the construction of machine tools, gives it access to global markets.

Our core values


For our customers, we provide tailor-made solutions to their requirements.

For our partners, we draw on our experience to create relationships of mutual trust and fruitful collaboration.


We deliver on time to ensure seamless operational planning.

We meet customer needs through tailor-made solutions to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

We are committed to quality and innovation, incorporating new technologies into our machines.

We listen and work together

We listen to our customers to understand their challenges and objectives. We then propose tailor-made solutions.

We collaborate closely throughout the process, from design to delivery and beyond, to deliver innovative and efficient solutions that will keep our machines running smoothly for years to come.

Our strengths

Quality and European expertise

At BLISS-BRET, quality is our promise. We are committed to total customer satisfaction, from design to delivery and throughout the life of our machines.

Since 2005, our production has been based in Slovakia, where we have specialised facilities and a skilled workforce.

Our design office in France, with a branch in Slovakia, is staffed by a team of engineers who design innovative industrial solutions to meet our customers' specific requirements.

After-sales service

With over 100 years' experience in the world of industrial presses, we are committed to providing our customers with comprehensive support, from the moment they purchase their machine and throughout its lifetime.

Our after-sales service in Europe is designed to provide our customers with peace of mind and to optimise the productivity of their equipment. This service can include both preventive and corrective maintenance, refurbishment and modernisation.

Optimised Return On Investment

At BLISS BRET, we are committed to anticipating the future of industry.

We provide equipment automation and a remote maintenance service, as well as the integration of robotisation to optimise performance, improve operational efficiency and offer our customers an innovative, intelligent solution.

Your rapid return on investment is our priority!


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