ERM press brakes are a cost effective, low maintenance, CNC controlled press brakes.ERM machines are manufactured on standard production lines in EUROPE. They are designed and developed by the R&D department in the headquarters in Belgium and equipped with ROBOSOFT CNC controls.

Included ·           

  • Standard ERM43220 machine body with HACO Ram ·           
  • CE safety 4000mm from 1750kN up to 2500kN ·           
  • Star-Triangle motor start ·           
  • EasyBend-2D Pack with 2D-graphic angle programming ·           
  • HACO Bend 2D, Offline 2D software ·           
  • Manual deflection table for System tools 4000mm 2200kN ·           
  • CNC drive of ADT ·           
  • Lasersafe LZS-LG-HS, manual light guards on 6mm approach ·           
  • System upper clamping from 1750kN up to 4000kN : height 150mm ·           
  • Quick manual clamping for System top tooling ·           
  • Tooling package of £5000 ·          
  • Pro X-R Back gauge (X-DC , R-AC)  axis 1000mm from 1750kN up to 2500kN, ·          
  • 2 Movable Frontstops type I - along the working length ·          
  • Tooling

This machine is a 2016 model and has seen little use and is in great condition.

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