The HACO KOMPAKT has a sturdy welded mono bloc frame structure, with integrated fume exhaust chambers and bolted-on cutting table. Mounted on the sides of this table structure, the linear guide-ways guarantee a very precise movement of the gantry along the length of the machine, which is driven by 2 X-axis motors with rack-and-pinion transmission.On the gantry, the Plasma Cutting Head (High-Definition Plasma Torch) lifter is driven by the Y-axis Servo motor with rack-and-pinion transmission and oversized linear guides.

Included: ·           

  • CNC Plasma cutting machine Kompakt 3015 ·           
  • APC59 Plasma Control with Touchscreen ·           
  • HacoSoft Plasma: Offline CAD/CAM Programming software (Installation/training included)
  • HPR 260 xd auto
  • Hypertherm True Hole for HACO plasma
  • HACO fume extraction + filter HFSC 6000/9 : 6000 m³/h
  • Air pressure filter and booster SF0035: 10000 l/h (For systems 260A-440A)
  • Tripwire around portal

This machine is a 2016 model and has seen little use and is in great condition.

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