VTL: Vertical Lathes

The origin from our Vertical Turning Lathe lies in the production of railway wheels. In the last 25 years, DTI, developed a complete range of VTL machines with a maximum turning diameter up to 7000mm.

All main components are made from high quality cast iron, the octagonal ram is from forged steel. For tables up to 3000mm we use anti-friction bearings, larger tables have hydrostatic bearings.

The standard VTL can be additional equipped with a movable cross rail, milling and drilling head in combination with a C-axis.




Movable Cross Rail
The standard VTL in combination with a movable cross rail allows the production not only of rings and wheels but also parts with a height more than the radius of the work piece.

Angular Milling Heads
To maintain a high torque, we developed and produce the Angular heads in house. Our Angular heads can handle up to 5100Nm torque. Next to fix angular heads we also offer swiveling heads with a position angle of each 5° up to 0, 5°. In the range of milling heads, we also offer units with special shapes to have better access on difficult accessible work faces. The different heads are locked by a Hirth and clamped on the spindle by hydraulic pressure.

High Speed Head
High speed heads are used for drilling and precision milling.  The high speed heads are direct driven by electro spindles.

Head Magazine
The complexity of different work pieces requires a large number of optional milling heads. Milling heads are stowed and changed automatically in the back of the machine.




VTL - Vertical Turning
VTL - Vertical Turning