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TUR 800/930/1100 MN is a high precision, high quality European product 100% manufactured in Poland. The purchased parts used in all our products only come from world leaders in machine tool parts.
The high level of standard equipment makes the TUR MN lathe a perfect tool able to increase the capacity of your work shop from the first day of operation! A large range of easy to install options are available.
Headstock: excellent stability and accuracy

The headstock, made of one mono-block casting, is located on hardened and ground bed guide ways. Hand scraped contact surfaces ensure the best fit and durable alignment. The high precision spindle bearings guarantee an excellent stability and accuracy when machining parts.

Tailstock: increasing machining range

The standard 125 mm diameter tailstock quill diameter is located in a special extended body which increases the machining range whilst keeping high rigidity. The quill diameter can be increased up to 140 mm or 160 mm for heavy duty machining. The bearing system for the quill is prepared for mounting the dead centre MT5 or MT6 and is available as an additional option.

Standard equipment
  • Siemens CNC system: Sinumerik 840D SL with Shop Turn
  • Complete coolant system
  • Manual tailstock
  • Hydraulic aggregate
  • Absolute Encoders
Optional equipment
  • Milling-drilling unit
  • Oil mist collector
  • Deep hole boring bar
  • A wide range of steadies rests
  • and many many more
Technical specification
Swing over bed 800- 950- 1100 mm
Swing over saddle 500- 630- 790 mm
Distance between centres (other lengths for request) 2000 - 3000-... - 5000 - 6000 - 8000 - 10000 mm
Max. workpiece weigth between centres without steady rests (option) 4000 (8000) kg
Spindle speed range 4- 1800 rpm
Main drive power (option) 33 (56) kW

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TUR MN 800/930/1100
TUR MN 800/930/1100