SC 550 PN

Technical data:
Mechanical welded frame
Completely cast iron cradle
Large cast iron table 1200 x 715 mm
Extension of the rear table 960 x 420 mm
Extension of the output table 760 x 420 mm
Cutting width between saw and parallel guide 1300 mm
Parallel guide manual transfer, pneumatic locking
Anodized aluminum stroke 400 X 3200 mm
Course of the mobile table 3200 mm
Guide rail on round bars in tempered steel, remote guide
Telescopic support arm on linear guide
Maximum loads on sliding table 150 kg
Cutting stroke
Adjustable telescopic anodised aluminum with 2 stops Longueur 1960 x 3500mm
Telescopic guide adjustable at 45°
Diameter of the blade 550 mm
Max cutting height at 90° 90 - 200 mm
Max cutting height at 45° 61-139 mm
Completely retractable 400 mm blade
Speeds 2500/3000/4200 tr/min
Digital speed display
Motor 10cv. Automatic acceleration star triangle

Version CN (Digital control)

Maximum diameter of the blade Ø500 mm
Upper control panel avec with possibility of programming
Transfer of the parrallel guide motorized by CN, infeed on rack
Cutting height motorized by CN : 125mm
Tilting of the blade motorized by CN : 0 - 45,5°
Adjustment of the scorer 2 axis by CN

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SC 550 PN
SC 550 PN