Overhauls and CNC machines tools modernization

We offer services in multiple areas:

CNC machine tools repairs

  • overhauls and modernization of machine tools: lathes, boring & milling machines
  • replacement of electric drives of travels and spindles
  • installation of a new, modern control system
  • complete (electric) machine installation
  • installation of digital measuring  

Repair of forming machines

  • press automation with application of safety features
  • automation of production lines
  • wiring replacement

Delivery of overhauled CNC machine tools

  • Delivery of CNC machine tools after turnkey overhaul

Moving of machines

  • disconnection & dismantling
  • installing + assembly of the machine on another location/place
  • putting the machine into operation

Preventive inspection & maintenance

  • preventive inspections of CNC machine tools
  • follow-up repairs of defects 


Renovation & service
Renovation & service