The Individual DGANC models are a CNC-controlled fully automatic double-bevel band saw machines with a bevel range of 60° on both sides. Individually configurable feed lengths up to 6,000 mm and graphical, dialog-based operator prompts offer a wide range of applications.

Automation in steel construction

With a long feed and two-sided automatic double beveling up to 60°, an ideal production machine for steel construction. The wide cutting range allows even large beams to be divided into acute angles.

The pros of flexible automation:

  • Automatic two-sided bevel cuts to 60° 
  • Continuous band speed from 20 to 120 m/min using a frequency converter 
  • Feed length custom adjusted to client requirements from 2,300 mm to 6,000 mm 
  • Fed on precise, pre-stressed linear guides 
  • Feed driven by a frequency-controlled industrial motor, sprocket and gear rack 
  • Feed clamping jaws guided on play-free pre-stressed, large dimension linear guides 
  • Extensive expansion possibilities with available options and accessories

Individual DGANC
Individual DGANC